We can supply almost any Nissan electrical component. Our range includes but is not limited to MAF sensors, Oil pressure sensors, Coolant temperature sensors, Globes, Wiring components, Instrument cluster parts, Airbag components, Clock springs, Oxygen sensors, O2 sensors, Spark plugs, Glow plugs, Glow plug system components, Alternators, Fan resistors, Fans and motors, Air Conditioning components, Speedo sensors, Speedo drive gears, Fuel tank senders, Lighting switches, All switches and sensors, Head lamps, tail lamps, Interior lamps, Courtesy lamp switches, Indicators and park lamps, Heater components, Audio switches and components, Wipers and wiper components and Windscreen washer jets, pumps and tanks. If you do not see what you require on our website please contact us for a quotation on any Nissan part.

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